Sunday Service


We invite you to join us in prayer every Sunday.

We believe that God hears our prayers and that when we unite in prayer, we are joining forces with the Lord’s army to pray for His will.

We are now on summer schedule.

Divine Liturgy: 9:30 am to 10:30 am



Byzantine Chanting by Stamatios Gikas

The Zoodohos Peghe Choir (Temporary not in session due to Covid -19) presents traditional Byzantine Hymnody.




Zoodohos Peghe Sunday School

Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic Sunday School classes have been cancelled for this year.

Please check back for updates.

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Join us for a fulfilling experience by helping to enlighten a child’s life through the Orthodoxy faith.

Please contact the Parish office:
Katerina Siskos

*Leave your full name and contact information.



President’s Message:

March 20, 2020

Dear Father Sylvester, The Community of Zoodohos Peghe, and The Greek American Institute:

I was recently elected again to the position of President of our Community. With gratitude, I look forward to serving you, the members of our community, yet again.

I would like to thank Sophie Zarvos who served as President for the last three years. Under her guidance, she continued to grow our school and community; I look forward to working with her during this time of transition.

When I accepted the position in January, who could have known how much our lives would change in a mere five weeks.

We have gone from a full church on Sunday to a live streamed liturgy so our faithful may continue to hear the words of our spiritual leader, Father Sylvester. We went from a school filled with teachers, staff, and students full of life to a very quiet and empty space.

I am confident that this will in fact go back to normal soon; for now, we can simply pray that this will pass and the upheaval we have all experienced these last few weeks will return to normal.

In addition, I would like to point out a few things that everyone should be aware of with regard to the current situation in our community:

  • We have followed the instructions of the GOARCH and closed our doors to any and all activities in our community.
  • We have also closed our beloved school, The Greek American Institute, for a prolonged and uncertain period of time.
  • I had the privilege of working with my talented parish council to try our best to make difficult decisions that serve the needs of our community.
  • I also had the privilege during this very difficult time to work with our Principal, John Attanas, Assistant Principals, Cynthia Dafinis and Yiota Papagrigoriou, a son of our community, Demo Lorentzos, as well as all of the teachers in our school. Most don’t see the back workings of our school and many take it for granted; in a moment’s notice, our teachers set up online learning such that our students wouldn’t miss a lesson. Our school was up and running online days before many other schools in our area. We are very proud.

I once again thank you all for this opportunity and look forward to continuing the good work we do in our community. May we all pray that this too shall pass, and that our lives return to normal soon.

Please continue to watch over each other, especially our elderly, and know that we are here for all of you and we will do all we can to help during this difficult time.

With Love and Admiration,

Spyro D. Dimitratos
President of the Community of the Bronx

Weekday Services

At 10:00 am

Upcoming Weekday Liturgies
Καθημερινές Λειτουργίες
from 9:00 am to 10:30 am

Due to Covid-19 not all weekday feasts are celebrated.
Please call our parish office for the weekday Liturgy schedule prior to coming to church.


H.O.P.E., J.O.Y., GOYA
Hope (ages 5-8)
Joy (ages 9-12)
Goya (ages 13-17)

Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic all Youth programs have been temporarily cancelled.
Please check back periodically for updates.

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Message from Fr. Sylvester

UPDATE: The Zoodohos Peghe Church is now in Phase 2! We are allowed 25% occupancy, thus up to 100 people can worship this Sunday.

While New York is moving in the right direction, we still must adhere to certain directives to assure the safest possible environment for the faithful to worship, partake of the Holy Sacraments (especially Holy Communion), and re-connect with your fellow parishioners (at least from a safe distance).

These are rules (not suggestions) that we must enforce. We ask that each and every person understand and follow the directives listed below:

1) If you are not feeling well (including those with respiratory symptoms, those with compromised immune systems as well as the vulnerable elderly), please stay home and participate via the live feed.

2) Masks must be worn at all times during personal prayer. Those with valid medical exceptions, special needs and children 10 and under do not need to wear masks. If the faithful do not have a mask, the parish will provide them with one.

3) Hands must be sanitized upon entry.

4) Faithful may continue to honor the icons and other sacred objects by a reverent bow and making the sign of the Cross instead of kissing.

5) At all times, the faithful must maintain social distancing from one another, with theexceptions of families that have been living together.

Our intent is to assure all our parishioners, their families and our many friends, a safe and comforting experience in the Household of God.

We want to see you, we want to pray with you, but above all, we want you all to be safe, healthy and able to worship in a manner that is best for you.


The Consecrationof the Shrine of “Little Gethsemane”
Sunday, September 30, 2018

Donated by Mrs. Maria Pappas Smith
in memory of her parents
✝Aristodemos & ✝Vasilia Pappas
Marble work by :
Master Craftsman Chris Sanzaro
Granite Tops, Inc.

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The Unveiling and Blessing of the New Church Building Committee Plaques

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