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You are invited to a
“Get Connected Sunday”
Celebration on
Sunday, September 24th, 2017

To Be Followed By a Free Brunch

On Sunday, September 24th, we’ll celebrate “Get Connected Sunday” – with the Divine Liturgy at 10 am, followed by a free for all Brunch in the Community Center.

This day is all about:

  • re-connecting to friends at Zoodohos Peghe you may not have seen in a while;
  • considering new opportunities to get outside of yourself and serve;
  • inviting your Orthodox friends from your neighborhood, school, work, sports, or wherever – to come see what this parish is all about and consider making a connection here too.

This is also the perfect time to register (or re-register) your child or teen for Catechesis/Sunday School and the youth programs and help others learn about these groups for the first time.

If you value what you experience at Zoodohos Peghe, why wouldn’t someone else?

Think about who you could invite to join you that day, and then take the next step: invite them!

gala-dinnerThe Presidential Guard of Greece Known as the Evzones visited Zoodohos Peghe and the Greek American Institute on Friday, April 8th.

The Evzones attended the Heretismoi service during which the children’s choir, under the conductorship of Thanos Kokkalas, sung the emotionally stirring and deeply loved Hymn ” Ti Ipermaho”, dedicated to Panagia. Their voices brought tears to the eyes of an overflowing crowd of faithful who attended the evening service.

We were all impressed and moved by the Evzones who surrounded the decorated icon of Panagia and stood motionless throughout the service.

A program by the school students followed in the Community center. In a packed center, the school’s choir sung beautiful Greek songs and received a thundering applause. The crowd gave a standing ovation to Tom Raptis, a student of our school, who played his ” Bouzuki ” and sung traditional popular songs. The entire program was prepared and presented by our teacher of Greek, Yiota Papagrigoriou.

The moving celebration concluded with greetings by Fr. Sylvester and Parish Council President Spyro Dimitratos who presented a Yankees T-shirt to all Evzones. The students then handed a gift to each Evzon on behalf of the parish and the school.

A reception prepared by the Philoptohos and the PTO followed.

An unforgettable day for our parish indeed!

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Manos Gavras, a prominent Greek actor ” Nikiforos” in the popular TV series ” Brusco” ,visited our school and presented to our students his new children’s book ” Fistikios o Aeginitis”.

Mr. Gavras is currently the producer of “On Global Pictures” located in Los Angeles. He was the associate producer of ” Lee Daniels the Butler” and acted in many movies among which are ” The Backup Plan with Jennifer Lopez,and “The Kings of Mykonos, and was also the lead actor in the off Broadway ” La Mama Theater”.

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The parish paid tribute to all mothers and thanked them for all their love and support. An atmosphere of love prevailed on the day and was celebrated with great excitement.

All mothers were presented with flowers by Fr. Sylvester after the liturgy and following the services Assemblyman Michael Benedetto hosted all mothers and the attending congregants to a Mother’s Day Champagne Brunch in the Community center.

The champagne kept flowing while all enjoyed the bountiful display of edible delights. Many thanks go to Mr. John Korres and his wife, Susan for making all the beautiful preparations.

Mothers surrounded by their loving families at the brunch


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Friday, March 27

in the Community Center after the Acathist Hymn
All proceeds to go to IOCC to feed the hungry around the world

to be followed by a

following the Lenten Dinner


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Zoodohos Peghee
Junior Boys
Junior Girls
are going to the finals !

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The Sunday of Orthodoxysunday-orthodoxy-2014

A “Synodikon” is an official declaration signed by all members of a synod or council, by which a decision by that synod is affirmed. The Synodikon of the Sunday of Orthodoxy is a declaration of the members of the Seventh Ecumenical Council in 787 AD affirming the truths of the Orthodox Faith, which sprung forth from the controversy concerning icons. This Synodikon was read before the Divine Liturgy that sealed the decision in 843 AD and has since then has been read on this day every year. The tradition is for the people to recite it together and at the end to hold up the icons to affirm their truthfulness and Orthodoxy.

Our Sunday school students participated in the Litany of the Icons and read the synodikon together with the entire congregation.


On Sunday, January 11, 2015, a colorful procession began after the Agiasmo (sanctification of the waters), at 12:00 noon at the Green Tree Country Club in New Rochelle. The procession was lead by the parishioners followed by the Acolytes (altar boys), followed by Father Sylvester, the protopsalti Mr. Stamatios Ghikas and the president of the parish Mr. Spyro Dimitratos, and the divers for the cross.

Then Fr. Sylvester, surrounded by the anxiously waiting divers for the great moment, blessed the waters and threw two crosses into the water. The divers dove into the waters, they swam, wrestled, and churned the waters in search of the cross

The divers who retrieved the crosses then came before Fr. Sylvester. At that time, Fr. Sylvester blessed the young boy and the young girl and congratulated them.

This year’s retrievers of the cross were:

Jordan Avlonitis -winner

Ismene Germanakos- winner

Others who dove for the cross this year were:

Girls: Nicoleta Papavasilakis, Stella Daskalakis

Boys: Demetrios Argyros , Demetrios Kiskinis ,Michael Pantelias, George S. Daskalakis, Theodore Daskalakis, Demetrios Dimitratos, Elias N. Germanakos, George N. Germanakos, Elias G. Germanakos, Nicholas P. Germanakos, Elias T. Germanakos, George T. Germanakos

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Westchester Knicks Gamenew--york-knicks

Our Youth Ministry went to the Knicks game on January 3rd, 2015 at the Westchester County Center.knicks-game-2015

The Epitafios of Panagia at Zoodohos Pegheepitafios

The ladies of Zoodohos Peghe decorating the Epitafio. Pictured from left to right: Pota Katsihtis, Margarita Gianos, Voula Tsaros, Eftihia Nicopoulos, Themis Katsanevakis, Eleftheris Chionis