New To Zoodohos Peghe?

Welcome to Zoodohos Peghe Church!

Whether you have already walked through our doors or are simply “church shopping” on the web, we are very glad to welcome you to our community of faith.

Most of us are searching for something larger than ourselves-for connections that are real and meaningful. We invite you to explore further. Zoodohos Peghe offers many ways to go a bit deeper and discover a warm caring community and a place of belonging while you get to know us and what we stand for. You will be warmly welcomed and shown full respect for where you are in your faith journey, whether that means you want to take it slowly and tentatively, or jump right in.

Here are some ways to connect:

1. Attend one of our Sunday Services (from 9:30-12:00 am) and the coffee hour afterward. There you will meet the clergy and other members, newcomers, and seekers.

2. Take a tour of Zoodohos Peghe. Feel free to visit our church any day during normal office hours to explore the unique architectural and artistic aspects of our church.

3. Explore Membership. Please speak with our priest if you are considering membership at Zoodohos Peghe and want to take a fresh look at what it means to belong to a faith community. Call our Church office at 718-823-2030

4. Sign up for the Fountain, our quarterly news that reports on all the events going on at Zoodohos Peghe.

5. Our Priest is willing to talk to you about your experience here at Zoodohos Peghe so feel free to call us.

6. Join the Zoodohos Peghe Choir. New voices are eagerly welcome! A prior knowledge of music is not necessary. Rehersals are held weekly during evening hours in the church. Contact the music Director and Organist, Eleni Traganas, for more information.

For information, news and fellowship events for newcomers call us at 718-823-2030