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Every person who comes to Zoodohos Peghe is genuinely and warmly welcomed. Zoodohos Peghe draws people from a wide variety of backgrounds, and so we are marked by diverse interests and perspectives. This pluralism is reflected in an ever-increasing variety of opportunities not only for worship, but also for learning and service. We believe each of these emphases to be essential to the Christian life, growth, and ministry of each person.

We are an active and energetic community by promoting a focus on formation, family activities, social gatherings, and one-on-one interactions as a way of successfully engaging all parishioners. It is our hope to be a church for the Bronx and beyond.


You will hear around Zoodohos Peghe the phrase “All guests who present themselves are to be welcomed as Christ,” . We work hard to make certain our doors are open wide, and that those who are new to us feel a warm welcome. You are invited to partake in the total life of this community, particularly in the worship of God and in service to others. We believe this to be an expression of the love and openness modeled by Christ. Our hope also is that you will receive a sense of the sacred in this place and will want to explore deeper.

If you decide to take the next step and move from being a welcomed guest to becoming a member of our church family, know that we are ready to welcome you as a member.