Frequently Asked Questions

One way to think about this is ordinary and human: it is much easier to make it in the world as part of a community/family. Belonging to a community is a basic human need. Here you share a purpose, ways of behaving toward one another, traditions and a sense that someone knows and cares about you. The other way is religious or spiritual. For Christians, specifically, there is a story: God in Christ lived his life to give us freedom, loving us so that we might love others and thereby saving us from ourselves—meaning from false choice—by giving us better and deeper choices. We call it the Good News. The movement that spreads this news is called the church, and it is radically welcoming to all who come.

We live our Christian and Orthodox faith through worship and active participation in the life and work of Zoodohos Peghe. Our parish offers diverse, life changing and compelling opportunities for Christian ministry. We expect parishioners to commit time, talents and treasure to those ministries in which they are moved to serve. We encourage those who participate in these ministries to invite others to participate in God’s work. We believe that involvement at Zoodohos Peghe will offer purpose, fulfillment and joy in spiritual, psychological and emotional ways.

Therefore, we do invite and expect you to attend church on a regular basis.

A member is any person who has been baptized with water in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, in the Orthodox Church. In addition, membership is based on a person’s desire to have Zoodohos Peghe as a spiritual home. If you are not baptized and would like to find out what baptism means and when it is offered, please call Fr. Sylvester at 718-823-2030.

We expect that you want to be among us for the primary purpose of being part of our community in order to worship God in joy and power. That you commit to worship as regularly as possible in your life. That you believe that God gives us all that we have and are, and that the people of God, including you, learn how to be a giver—to the church for its work, and to the needs of others. That life, and church, are not about being right, but about being open.

We expect that you commit to living a life oriented towards God, and are called to continuous conversion, to rethink and re-do when they fail, and to believe that God is open to such “repentance” again and again. That you help spread the Good News of God in Christ whenever and however possible for you. That you join with others not only in prayer, but in working for justice and peace in the human family. We expect that you respect the dignity of every human being. Spread the word and serve others. It is our expectation that you lead generous lives and pledge your time, talent and treasure for the building up of the Christian community here at Zoodohos Peghe.

When you go to someone’s home for dinner, hopefully you enjoy a warm welcome, a generous meal, and fellowship with your friend and their family. But, there is a difference between being a guest at the table and a family member. Some say it is merely the common blood that flows through the family’s veins. But those who are adopted or married, know that it is more. In a healthy family unit, there is a bond present. A commitment to take care of one another, to support one another through the good and the bad. This unspoken understanding generates an ease and freedom to be yourself, to be who God created you to be, safe in the knowledge that they are a part of you and you a part of them no matter what. The church word for this bond is “covenant.” We who are baptized are united, adopted into the family of God. And not only in this life, but also in the life to come. Baptism is our way of expressing this commitment formally and publicly to God and to one another. Becoming a member of a local community of faith is the way we live out that covenant.

When you tell us that you wish to be a member, we, from that moment, will work with you to make your wish a reality.

So the best way to let Zoodohos Peghe know you wish to become a member is to write a note, make a phone call, send an email or speak with the priest or contact the parish. Our priest will speak with you about your religious history; then direct you for membership. If you’re a member of another Church, you can contact that church (or ask us to do it) and ask that a Letter of Transfer of membership be sent from that church to Zoodohos Peghe. If you are baptized here, or confirmed, you become a member. Providing us your baptismal information (date & place) will be requested.

Generous sharing of resources, including money, is central to what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ, and church support is a necessary part of this.Essentially, it means helping the Church’s mission with money, time, and personal resources of all kinds. This sharing is not an option for the Orthodox Christians who understand what membership in the Church involves. It is a serious duty. It is a consequence of the faith wich the Orthodox profess and celebrate.

Currently the annual stewardship fees are as follows:

Adults: $300.00 per year.

Seniors: Give from the heart !